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Every company and every chemical engineer wants their plant to run free of accidents, incidents and environmental contamination. Keeping a plant safe and operating at peak efficiency maximises business profitability and sustainability.

Chemical engineering is a complex science that requires much theoretical and practical skill and experience to do effectively. CEDCS provides that knowledge, skill and experience to help you ensure your operation is as safe as possible.

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CEDCS is the trading name of Stuart Ord, a professional chemical engineer living in Cheshire, England.

"I have about 40 years of experience as a professional chemical engineer. I worked mainly for ICI before becoming an independent consultant. Hence I have wide experience of working in world class engineering plants in a cutting edge chemical engineering environment.

I now specialise in three areas of chemical engineering: 

  • Hazard Study and HazOp leadership
  • Water Hammer (surge flow)
  • Safety Integrity Level and Technical Risk Assessment.

I am available for work in these areas for short or medium term assignments."


Stuart Ord    BSc  CEng  FIChemE


Hazard Studies
Water Hammer
Safety Integrity Level
Hazard Studies are carried out to identify hazards and manage the correction of problems and hazards that might be present in plant design and operating procedures. The most universal stage is Hazard Study 3, also known as "HazOp"

This can be at the design or operating stages of a plant life.

CEDCS will carry out a Hazard Study for you, scrutinising plant design and identifying the series of actions that are necessary to ensure the plant and process are safe and effective to operate. CEDCS bespoke software can be used, or your own HazOp software package.

Water Hammer is a shock wave sent through a pipeline caused by a sudden or rapid change of flow rate. This shock can have catastrophic results from ruptured pipes, damaged supporting structures and loss of material. All this can cause personal injury, contamination of the environment and loss of plant productivity.

CEDCS will analyse your plant using appropriate specialised modelling software and work with you and your engineers to find successful and cost effective solutions if any problems are found.

Safety Integrity Level was introduced with BS EN 61508, and developed for process industries in BS EN 61511. These standards recognise that modern plants rely on instrumentation for control and safety which must be designed and operated correctly to function properly.

Today, SIL assessments are an integral part of the HazOp process. However they can be done at any time to ensure that a safety instrumented system is correctly specified.

CEDCS can execute SIL assessments within the HazOp process or as a separate exercise, as required.

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